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Constructeur Automobile Presse Sp Cialis E

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  1. The Land of Enchantment

    I don't get the Kia stigma. I've driven a new Civic, Jetta, Sentra, and Forte. The Jetta was definitely the most fun car, but the Forte had the Civic/Sentra beat easily.

  2. The Old Line

    It always throws me a bit when I comment about a dude and get replies like "I'm pretty sure he's not gay ..." and "No homo". I keep forgetting that either I'm not a woman or no one on the Internet is man. The 4chan explanation to "Tits of GTFO" doesn't seem to cover this.

  3. Lansing

    Did you ever stop to think that you couldn't afford to raise a child before you had one? Regardless, you admit you can't afford one now. You say when you can afford to pursue it you will go to a lawyer and fight for it? How much do you think a lawyer costs? After those legal fees, on your minimum wage job, are you going to be able to afford raising a child?